Fosso di S. Ansano street

Siena, Piazza della Postierla, better known as “Quattro Cantoni”.

Its name derives from latin “posterula”, little gate. This led to a ditch along a precipice where were the ancient walls of Siena with its charcoal pits.The medieval Hospital of Saint Mary of the Ladder buys this space from Municipality ‘cause it needs to expand.
However, the expansion “covers” the little gate and this really bothers the inhabitants of the area: it not only interrupts the passage between two districts (Vallepiatta and Mantellini) but makes it difficult to reach Fontebranda.
Then a connection is created between the Due Porte and Vallepiatta.

And here is via Fosso di Sant’Ansano! 👍🏻

But what does the holy baptizer of the Sienese have to do with it?Centuries earlier, the young saint passed through the little gate to reach the ditch where he suffered the torture of boiling oil.

Do you really think that he is dead? Nope! 👻

Ph. Massimo Pianigiani