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One of the Etruscan cities par excellence. It still preserves many vestiges of this period as well as the Roman and medieval ones: the Porta all'Arco, the Etruscan city gate, and the Etruscan acropolis, the Roman theater, the Piazza dei Priori, the cathedral with the baptistery, and tower-houses. Volterra holds an immense treasure trove of art, archaeology, and craftsmanship; in fact, it is famous for alabaster work, a knowledge that has been handed down for generations. Volterra was built on a hill that if it once provided security today allows one to enjoy a vast and evocative panorama.

[…] Volterra si mostra con un fascino arcano che promana dalle case addossate, dalle torri mozzate, dalle strade percorse da ombre inquietanti, lastricate nel tempo di sudore e di assurdo che attraversano la storia e la leggenda scavando solchi senza fine nella mente suggestionata degli uomini. (Franco Porretti)

Tours Volterra (Half Day)

  • Authentic Volterra: fortunately Volterra is known indeed, but it is not as touristy as some Tuscan villages where in peak season we are crowded together. Volterra is still an authentic village: the borgo is alive because the locals still live and work there. In fact you will see many workshops or laboratories of artisans and artists working with alabaster. We after a walk to the village deck will visit one of these workshops. All in 2 hours. How does that sound?

  • Visit to the Pinacoteca

Tours Volterra (Full Day)

  • Archaeological Volterra: 3-hour tour starting with the Etruscans, then the Roman part and ending in the Middle Ages. I have a degree in archaeology and Volterra is one of my favorite sites because Volterra is nothing but an archaeological site that is still 'active.' On completion I will take you to the Guarnacci Etruscan Museum where you will find many archaeological curiosities that you will enjoy, and we could visit an alabaster workshop.

  • Volterra + San Gimignano + Monteriggioni (optional)

  • Volterra + Monteriggioni (optional) + Siena

  • Volterra + Florence


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