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San Gimignano

The 'City of the Beautiful Towers' has been declared a World Heritage Site because its appearance still harks back to the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, a rare example in Europe of urban organization of the communal age: practically a medieval dream. Here you can immerse yourself in the life of a wealthy merchant with his impregnable tower-house that dominated the town's stretch of the Via Francigena. At that time, you would have seen as many as 72 towers in San Gimignano (today about 15).

San Gimignano
San Gimignano dalle belle torri e dalle belle campane… (Proverbio fiorentino)

Tours San Gimignano (Half Day)

  • Hunting for medieval towers: we will take about 2 hours to visit the medieval village. We will retrace the main road that is nothing more than a stretch of the ancient Francigena. We will linger in front of some of the churches and in the main squares without neglecting viewpoints that will make you identify with a painting by Leonardo da Vinci.

  • Not only towers: Many of the testimonies of this period are kept not only in the Collegiate but also in some museums including the Civic Museum. From here, climbing to the top of the Torre Grossa, you can admire a unique panorama. So I suggest a walk to admire the village and a visit to one of these museums:

Tours San Gimignano (Full Day)

  • San Gimignano + Monteriggioni (optional) + Volterra

  • San Gimignano + Florence

  • San Gimignano + Monteriggioni (optional) + Siena


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